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 Development Through: People, Culture, Processes, Participation, Technology

Unearthing Your Diamond Through Multicultural Organizational Development  

Multicultural organizational development is the practice of actively working to reflect the dynamic differences of culturally diverse groups, values their individual contributions, benefits from their unique perspectives, encourages participation, leverages their knowledge,skills and competencies in alignment with business goals. Multicultural change actively engages the cultural and procedural structures of the organization in which exclusionary practices are identified and removed. Learning and development initiatives provide growth and support towards new paradigms of thinking and patterns of behavior.


How Diamond Delivers This

Intelligent Advising & Strategic Solutions 

  • Organizational Development /Multi-cultural organizational development (MCOD)
  • Diversity in Organizational Communication Embracing Cultural Dynamics
    • Multicultural Communication & Gender
    •  Shared Leadership through Team and Group Collaboration


Developmental Coaching, & Small Group Facilitation

Diamond delivers powerful and synthesized skills development and individual focused coaching in the following learning and growth areas.                                                                                               

  • Assessing Learning, Listening, Social Styles
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Performing with Communication Competence 
  • Identify Leadership, Decision-Making, & Conflict Communication Styles
    • Developing Effective Intercultural Awareness & Communication Leadership
    • High Performance Team & Group Collaboration

Organizations are Reflections of Their Cultural Practices

Multicultural Organizational Development is a valuable organizational development model and applied science. Organizations are reflections of all of their cultural practices, both human, procedural and structural that operate through internal and external contexts. It is a business, social and economic fact, that multicultural organization development practices positively influence group interaction, increases cooperation, values individual expertise, increases pro-social participation and has a positive and direct relationship to organizational identity, reputation, performance and profitability. 


In this day and time heightened levels of cultural diversity are bringing dynamic and rapid shifts in organizational life. This has made the degree to which people are able to communicate, share knowledge, learn from one another, create, make decisions, embrace ethnic differences and deal in fairness & equity a challenge in companies all over the planet. 



Embracing Inter-Generational Workforce Changes: 

Within the next three years, the 'baby-boom' generation will be leaving the workforce. 50% of the workforce will be under the age of 35. This requires companies to keep up with the speed at which Gen X and Gen Y'ers process information, share knowledge and communicate. Companies must be able to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and leverage the richness of experience both with the exiting and incoming workers. (Diamond Fact)